Catenularia minor A, B colonies composed of ascomata, conidiophores and capitate hyphae C ascus with ascospores D–F conidiophores with capitate hyphae G–J upper parts of conidiophores with conidia in chains J capitate hypha K, L conidia (arrow indicates central pore in the basal scar). Images: PRM 828704 holotype of C. minor (D, E, G, K); PRM 900544 holotype of Ch. trianguloconidia (A–C, F, H–J, L); on natural substrate (A–L). Scale bars: 250 μm (A, B); 10 μm (C, G–L); 50 μm (D–F).

  Part of: Réblová M, Nekvindová J, Miller AN (2021) Phylogeny and taxonomy of Catenularia and similar fungi with catenate conidia. MycoKeys 81: 1-44.