Morphological characteristics of Hirsutella flava A the infected insect specimens with a long and single synnemata (HKAS112884) B, C colonial morphology on PDA agar media for 20 d B shows the front of the colony and C shows the back of the colony D–G LM images of the general morphology of conidiogenous cells and conidia H–K SEM images showing conidiogenous cells and conidial structure; Scale bars: 1 cm (A); 5 cm (B, C), 10 μm (D–G); the rest of the bars are shown in the figure. LM, light microscopy; PDA, potato dextrose agar; SEM, scanning electron microscopy.

  Part of: Qu J, Zou X, Cao W, Xu Z, Liang Z (2021) Two new species of Hirsutella (Ophiocordycipitaceae, Sordariomycetes) that are parasitic on lepidopteran insects from China. MycoKeys 82: 81-96.