Phylogram of Diaporthales from a maximum likelihood analysis based on combined ITS, LSU, tef1a and rpb2. Values above the branches indicate maximum likelihood bootstrap (left, ML BP ≥ 50%) and Bayesian probabilities (right, BI PP ≥ 0.90). The tree is rooted with Nakataea oryzae (CBS 243.76) and Pyricularia grisea (Ina168). New species proposed in the current study is in blue and the ex-type strains are marked with *.

  Part of: Jiang N, Yang Q, Fan X-L, Tian C-M (2021) Micromelanconis kaihuiae gen. et sp. nov., a new diaporthalean fungus from Chinese chestnut branches in southern China. MycoKeys 79: 1-16.