Phylogenetic tree of based on the ITS-nrLS-mtSSU-TEF1 dataset. Species in the subg. Heterophyllidia with high similarity to our new species and partially representative species that are closely related to subsect. Heterophyllinae and subsect. Virescentinae were selected. Russula maguanensis and R. substriata were used as outgroup. Bootstrap support (BS) ≥70% are shown. Bayesian Posterior Probabilities (PP) ≥0.95 are given. Infrageneric classification follows Buyck et al. (2018).

  Part of: Chen B, Song J, Chen Y, Zhang J, Liang J (2021) Morphological and phylogenetic evidence for two new species of Russula subg. Heterophyllidia from Guangdong Province of China. MycoKeys 82: 139-157.