A phylogenetic tree generated by Bayesian analysis based on combined ITS, TEF, CAL, HIS, and TUB sequence. Diaporthella corylina (CBS121124) was selected as the outgroup. Bayesian posterior probability (PP ≥ 0.90), MP bootstrap support values (MP ≥ 50%) and RAxML bootstrap support values (ML ≥ 50%) are shown at the nodes (PP/ML/MP). The branches of the new Diaporthe species are marked with red stars B, C are partial phylogenetic taxa highlighting D. zaofenghuang and D. jinxiu together with their closely related species, respectively.

  Part of: Wang X, Guo Y, Du Y, Yang Z, Huang X, Hong N, Xu W, Wang G (2021) Characterization of Diaporthe species associated with peach constriction canker, with two novel species from China. MycoKeys 80: 77-90. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.80.63816