Most likely tree (-ln = 3254.82124) obtained by phylogenetic analyses of 48 tef-1 Cantharellus sequences. Supported branches are in bold with bootstrap values, when significant (≥ 70%), indicated along the branches. Sequences newly obtained for this study are in bold and highlighted in blue for the new species described in the present study. Extraction numbers and GenBank accession numbers for tef-1 sequences are reported before taxon names. Delimitation of Cantharellus subgenera Cinnabarini and Parvocantharellus (sensu lato) are indicated and C. goossensiae Heinem. and C. rubrosalmoneus (Buyck & V. Hofst.) Buyck & V. Hofst. (both in C. subg. Pseudocantharellus) are used as outgroup.

  Part of: Buyck B, Hofstetter V, Ryoo R, Ka K-H, Antonín V (2020) New Cantharellus species from South Korea. MycoKeys 76: 31-47.