Combined phylogeny using ITS and 28S of 35 members of Paragaeumannomyces. Species names given in bold are new species; T and PT indicate ex-type and ex-paratype strains. Thickened branches indicate branch support with ML BS = 100%, PP values = 1.0 and MP = 100 %. Branch support of nodes ≥ 75 % ML and MP BS, and ≥ 0.95 PP is indicated above branches.

  Part of: Réblová M, Nekvindová J, Fournier J, Miller AN (2020) Delimitation, new species and teleomorph-anamorph relationships in Codinaea, Dendrophoma, Paragaeumannomyces and Striatosphaeria (Chaetosphaeriaceae). MycoKeys 74: 17-74.