Phylogenetic tree derived from Bayesian analysis based on ITS and LSU sequences, depicting the relationships of the new taxon Phialolunulospora vermispora with closely related taxa. The numbers above branches represent BIPP (left) and MLBPs (right). BIPP over 95% and MLBPs greater than 70% are shown on the respective branches, and the bar represents the substitutions per nucleotide position. Gelasinospora tetrasperma CBS 178.33, Sordaria fimicola CBS 508.50 and Lasiosphaeria ovina SMH 4605 were used as outgroup.

  Part of: Zheng H, Wan Y, Li J, CastaƱeda-Ruiz RF, Yu Z (2020) Phialolunulospora vermispora (Chaetosphaeriaceae, Sordariomycetes), a novel asexual genus and species from freshwater in southern China. MycoKeys 76: 17-30.