Phylogenetic signal in the available molecular markers for the relationship between clade A and either clade B or C of the Podosporaceae A differences in the gene-wise log-likelihood scores (ΔGLS) for each marker, where 0 implies equal support for either of the two alternative sister relationships (A and B or A and C), positive values mean higher support for A and B and negative values higher support for A and C B proportion of sites that support each of the two sister relationships within each marker.

  Part of: Ament-Velásquez SL, Johannesson H, Giraud T, Debuchy R, Saupe SJ, Debets AJM, Bastiaans E, Malagnac F, Grognet P, Peraza-Reyes L, Gladieux P, Kruys Å, Silar P, Huhndorf SM, Miller AN, Vogan AA (2020) The taxonomy of the model filamentous fungus Podospora anserina. MycoKeys 75: 51-69.