Maximum Likelihood tree revealed by RAxML from an analysis of SSU, LSU and ITS and tef1-α sequence data of the genera of Didymosphaeriaceae, showing the phylogenetic position of Dictyoarthrinium musae (MFLUCC 20-0105, MFLUCC 20-0106) and D. sacchari (MFLUCC 20-0107). ML bootstrap supports (≥ 60%) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (≥ 0.95 BYPP) are given above the branches, respectively. The tree is rooted with Bambusistroma didymosporum (MFLU 15-0057 and MFLU 15-0058). Strains generated in this study are indicated in brown bold type. Ex-type strains are indicated in black bold. The scale bar represents the expected number of nucleotide substitutions per site.

  Part of: Samarakoon BC, Wanasinghe DN, Samarakoon MC, Phookamsak R, McKenzie EH.C, Chomnunti P, Hyde KD, Lumyong S, Karunarathna SC (2020) Multi-gene phylogenetic evidence suggests Dictyoarthrinium belongs in Didymosphaeriaceae (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes) and Dictyoarthrinium musae sp. nov. on Musa from Thailand. MycoKeys 71: 101-118.