Trichoderma gansuanum a fresh stroma b dry stroma c stromatal surface d color of stroma after rehydration e median section through stromata f cortical tissue in section g subperithecial tissues in section h perithecia in section i ascus with ascospores j–m ascus with part-ascospores a from HMAS 279684, b–m from HMAS 279687. Scale bars: 1 cm (a); 1 mm (b–d); 50 μm (e–f); 10 μm (g–m).

  Part of: Zeng Z-Q, Zheng H-D, Wang X-C, Wei S-L, Zhuang W-Y (2020) Ascomycetes from the Qilian Mountains, China – Hypocreales. MycoKeys 71: 119-137.