Maximum likelihood (RAxML) tree obtained by phylogenetic analyses of the combined LSU, SSU, and tef1 sequence alignment of 53 taxa belonging to the 11 orders shown to the right of the tree. The numbers of nodes in clades represent Maximum likelihood bootstrap support values (ML-BS, 0–100) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP, 0–1.0). ML-BS greater than 50% and BPP above 0.5 are indicated at the nodes (ML-BS/BPP). The scalebar represents the number of changes. Schismatomma decolorans DUKE 47570 was used as outgroup. The strain numbers are noted after the species names with ex-type strains indicated with T. The proposed new order is in boldface.

  Part of: Qiao M, Zheng H, Lv R, Yu Z (2020) Neodactylariales, Neodactylariaceae (Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota): new order and family, with a new species from China. MycoKeys 73: 69-85.