Phylogram inferred from Maximum likelihood analysis of the concatenated ITS and nuc 28S rDNA dataset of taxa in Mrakia s.s. Mrakia panshiensis strains investigated in this study are highlighted in bold font. Tausonia pullulans CBS 2532T was designated as the outgroup. The tree backbone was constructed by maximum likelihood analysis with MEGA7. Bootstrap percentages of maximum likelihood over 50% from 1000 bootstrap replicates and posterior probabilities of Bayesian inference above 0.9 are shown from left on the branches. The scale bar represents 0.02 substitutions per nucleotide.

  Part of: Zhang K-H, Shi C-F, Chai C-Y, Hui F-L (2020) Mrakia panshiensis sp. nov. a new member of the Cystofilobasidiales from soil in China, and description of the teleomorphic-stage of M. arctica. MycoKeys 74: 75-90.