A–I Laboulbenia quarantena De Kesel & Haelew. from Bembidion biguttatum, specimen ADK6448: A mature thallus from prothorax, slide BR5020212163329V, holotype B mature thallus from prothorax with less pigmented perithecium C mature thallus from the right mesofemur D–F mature thalli from the right protibia G immature thallus from the prothorax H mature thallus from the right mesofemur I ascospores J–K laboulbenia vulgaris Peyr: J mature thallus from prothorax of Bembidion tetracolum, specimen ADK5557 K mature thallus from mesothorax of Ocys harpaloides, specimen ADK6353. One of the diagnostic characteristics of the new species–the positioning of the insertion cell–is shown in a mature thallus of L. quarantenae (E) and one of L. vulgaris (J). Scale bar: 100 µm.

  Part of: Haelewaters D, De Kesel A (2020) Checklist of thallus-forming Laboulbeniomycetes from Belgium and the Netherlands, including Hesperomyces halyziae and Laboulbenia quarantenae spp. nov. MycoKeys 71: 23-86. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.71.53421