Phylogram showing the interspecific relationships under the genus Hygrophorus inferred from a LSU dataset using IQ-tree. Sequences of Cantharocybe gruberi were selected as outgroups. Bootstrap values greater than 50% are indicated around the branches. For downloaded sequences, specimen names and GenBank accession numbers are presented; for newly-generated sequences, species names and specimen vouchers are listed. Four newly-described species’ sequences are highlighted in colour; sequences with quotation marks are incorrect names.

  Part of: Wang C-Q, Li T-H, Zhang M, He X-L, Qin W-Q, Liu T-Z, Zeng N-K, Wang X-H, Liu J-W, Wei T-Z, Xu J, Li Y-Q, Shen Y-H (2020) Hygrophorus subsection Hygrophorus (Hygrophoraceae, Agaricales) in China. MycoKeys 68: 49-73.