Micrographs of Huntiella krugeri sp. nov. (ex-holotype CMW 36849 = CBS 131676 = PPRI 27952). A Culture grown on 2% MEA in the dark for 34 d B, C Conidiogenous cell D Conidia in various shapes E Chain of conidia in different shapes F Chain of rectangular-shaped conidia with top-end of club-shaped G, H Aleurioconidia. Scale bars: 10 µm (B–H).

  Part of: Liu F, Marincowitz S, Chen S, Mbenoun M, Tsopelas P, Soulioti N, Wingfield MJ (2020) Novel species of Huntiella from naturally-occurring forest trees in Greece and South Africa. MycoKeys 69: 33-52. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.69.53205