ML tree of Huntiella species generated from the combined DNA sequence data of ITS, BT1 and TEF-1α DNA. Sequences generated from this study are printed in bold type. Bold branches indicate posterior probabilities values ≥ 0.9. Bootstrap values and posterior probabilities values are presented above branches as ML/MP/BI. Bootstrap value < 50% or probabilities values < 0.9 are marked with *. Nodes lacking the support value are marked with -. Ceratocystis cercfabiensis (CMW 43029) represents the outgroup.

  Part of: Liu F, Marincowitz S, Chen S, Mbenoun M, Tsopelas P, Soulioti N, Wingfield MJ (2020) Novel species of Huntiella from naturally-occurring forest trees in Greece and South Africa. MycoKeys 69: 33-52.