Fusarium madaense sp. nov. (ex-type culture CBS 146669). A–C aspect of colonies on PDA, OA and SNA, respectively, after 14 d at 24°C in the dark D colony reverse on OA (up) and PDA (down) after 14 d at 24 °C in the dark E–G, J aerial conidiophores and phialides H, I sporodochia formed on the surface of carnation leaves K, L sporodochial conidiophores M, N chlamydospores O, P microconidia Q sporodochial conidia. Scale bars: 100 μm (H, I); 20 μm (J); 10 μm (all others).

  Part of: Ezekiel CN, Kraak B, Sandoval-Denis M, Sulyok M, Oyedele OA, Ayeni KI, Makinde OM, Akinyemi OM, Krska R, Crous PW, Houbraken J (2020) Diversity and toxigenicity of fungi and description of Fusarium madaense sp. nov. from cereals, legumes and soils in north-central Nigeria. MycoKeys 67: 95-124. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.67.52716