Various species of Amoebidiales. 26 Paramoebidium angulatum from Nemouridae nymphs, thalli overview with typical angular shape at the upper section 27 Paramoebidium chattoni from Simuliidae larva, overview, with thin filaments of Simuliomyces microsporus 28 Paramoebidium curvum from Simuliidae larva, overview 29 Paramoebidium hamatum from Baetidae nymphs, overview of various thalli in different growth phases 30 Paramoebidium inflexum from Nemouridae nymphs, thallus overview. Scale bars: 50 μm (26, 29, 30), 100 μm (27), 25 μm (28).

  Part of: Valle LG, Stoianova D (2020) First record of Harpellales, Orphellales (Kickxellomycotina) and Amoebidiales (Mesomycetozoea) from Bulgaria, including a new species of Glotzia. MycoKeys 67: 55-80.