Various species of Orphellales. 21 Orphella catalaunica from Leuctridae nymphs, trichospores and accompanying cells 22, 23 Orphella coronata from Nemouridae nymphs 22 allantoid trichospores and accompanying cells 23 zygospores produced homothallically 24, 25 Orphella helicospora from Leuctridae nymphs: 24 homothallical zygospores and accompanying cells 25 basal cell and holdfast. Scale bars: 25 μm in all figures.

  Part of: Valle LG, Stoianova D (2020) First record of Harpellales, Orphellales (Kickxellomycotina) and Amoebidiales (Mesomycetozoea) from Bulgaria, including a new species of Glotzia. MycoKeys 67: 55-80.