Various species of Harpellales. 17 Smittium dipterorum from Chironomidae larvae; thallus overview with fertile branches and trichospores 18 Spartiella barbata from Baetidae nymphs, fertile branches with trichospores 19 Stachylina nana from Chironomidae larvae, thallus overview with trichospores 20 Stipella vigilans from Simuliidae larvae, thallus with mucilaginous material at the basal cell (arrow). Scale bars: 25 μm in all figures.

  Part of: Valle LG, Stoianova D (2020) First record of Harpellales, Orphellales (Kickxellomycotina) and Amoebidiales (Mesomycetozoea) from Bulgaria, including a new species of Glotzia. MycoKeys 67: 55-80.