Glotzia balkanensis sp. nov. from Baetidae nymphs. 3 thallus overview, note the inflated and branched basal cell structures 4, 5 detail of various swollen basal cells 6 loose zygospore with a collar 7, 8 trichospores on fertile branches, see the appendages inside the generative cell (arrowheads) 9 Zygospore arising from a conjugation tube 10 loose trichospore with a central long filiform appendage and two smaller lateral appendages. Scale bars: 50 µm (3), 25 µm (4–10).

  Part of: Valle LG, Stoianova D (2020) First record of Harpellales, Orphellales (Kickxellomycotina) and Amoebidiales (Mesomycetozoea) from Bulgaria, including a new species of Glotzia. MycoKeys 67: 55-80.