Troglomyces twitteri Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira, sp. nov. A–D mature thalli with labelling of cells and other elements in B, C E, F detail of perithecium at two focusing levels to show the slightly longer lip (E, arrow), and tooth-like outgrowth (F, arrow). In Fig. F, cell VI is labelled G detail of an immature thallus showing the trichogyne (tr) and the antheridium (an). Scale bars: 50 µm (A–D), 25 µm (E–G). Photographs from: slides GA003-1 (A, D), GA003-2 (E–G), and C-F-95157 (B, C).

  Part of: Santamaria S, Enghoff H, Reboleira AS (2020) The first Laboulbeniales (Ascomycota, Laboulbeniomycetes) from an American millipede, discovered through social media. MycoKeys 67: 45-53.