Melanconis larissae holotype (BPI 870998) a–o sexual morph a, b ectostromatic discs c, d cross sections showing white upper and yellow lower parts of central columns, ostiolar necks and perithecia e–g asci h–o ascospores f, g in aqueous Congo Red p–y asexual morph p conidial deposit q conidioma in cross section r, s conidiophores and conidiogenous cells (showing annellations in s) t–y α-conidia r–y in 3% KOH. Scale bars: 500 µm (a–d, p, q), 15 µm (e–g), 7 µm (h–o, r), 5 µm (s–y).

  Part of: Jaklitsch WM, Voglmayr H (2020) The genus Melanconis (Diaporthales). MycoKeys 63: 69-117.