Melanconis alni. Sexual morph a, b ectostromatic discs c pseudostroma with ectostromatic disc in face view d cross section showing remnants of asexual morph at the sides of the sexual pseudostroma e cross section showing perithecia with lateral ostiolar necks and central column f vertical section showing perithecium with central ostiolar neck g–j asci k, l ascus apices showing apical ring m–x ascospores j, l, w in aqueous Congo Red a, b, i WU 31885 = W.J. 148 c–f, j, o–q epitype WU 31884 = MAIV g, h, k, l, x WU 37043 = J.F. 10104 m lectotype PC 0723592 n WU 37042 = D156 r, s WU 31882 = MAMI t, u WU 31883 = MAW v WU 31887 = W.J. 1194 w WU 31886 = W.J. 178. Scale bars: 400 µm (a, b, d–f), 500 µm (c), 10 µm (g–j, n, s–u), 7 µm (k–m, o–r, v–x).

  Part of: Jaklitsch WM, Voglmayr H (2020) The genus Melanconis (Diaporthales). MycoKeys 63: 69-117.