Melanconis pacifica. Asexual morph a–d conidiomata in face view e conidioma in cross section f conidioma in vertical section g–k conidiophores (g with both conidial types, note annellations in right conidiophore in k) l–r α-conidia s–z β-conidia a–k, n–p, z DAOM 220988 l, m, r–y holotype DAOM 230637 q isotype BPI 748446 g–o, r–z in 3% KOH. Scale bars: 300 µm (a–f), 30 µm (g), 10 µm (h–k), 5 µm (l–z).

  Part of: Jaklitsch WM, Voglmayr H (2020) The genus Melanconis (Diaporthales). MycoKeys 63: 69-117.