Photographs of sister species, Moniliophthora mayarum and M. ticoi: A basidiomes of M. mayarum on piece of tree root in Belize (BZ-511) (photo by S. Schmeiding) B–F Basidiomes of M. ticoi on trunks of Holocalix balansae (Fabaceae) and Pogonopus tubulosus (Rubiaceae) in Argentina. Scale bars: 10 mm.

  Part of: Niveiro N, Ramírez NA, Michlig A, Lodge DJ, Aime MC (2020) Studies of Neotropical tree pathogens in Moniliophthora: a new species, M. mayarum, and new combinations for Crinipellis ticoi and C. brasiliensis. MycoKeys 66: 39-54.