Relationship between connectance and adjusted coefficient of determination (R2adj) for floristic variables across different barcode-primer pair combinations based on (a) Bray-Curtis distance and (b) Hellinger distance. Pointed line indicates correlation in the ITS1Fngs-ITS2 data set (filled circles), covering eight connectance classes (C<0.45). Open circles, other ITS1 and ITS2 primer pairs; triangles, SSU barcodes; rectangles, LSU barcodes.

  Part of: Tedersoo L, Anslan S, Bahram M, Põlme S, Riit T, Liiv I, Kõljalg U, Kisand V, Nilsson RH, Hildebrand F, Bork P, Abarenkov K (2015) Shotgun metagenomes and multiple primer pair-barcode combinations of amplicons reveal biases in metabarcoding analyses of fungi. MycoKeys 10: 1-43.