Maximum likelihood tree based on alignment (357 bp) of the ITS1 region. Midpoint rooting was used to root the tree and bootstrap values over 70% are shown (1000 replicates). Scalebar shows the number of substitutions per site. Clades corresponding to the known genera, the new Buwchfawromyces clade and also the ‘polycephalus’ clade are labelled. Codes in brackets indicate the novel clades identified by Koetschan et al. (2014).

  Part of: Callaghan TM, Podmirseg SM, Hohlweck D, Edwards JE, Puniya AK, Dagar SS, Griffith GW (2015) Buwchfawromyces eastonii gen. nov., sp. nov.: a new anaerobic fungus (Neocallimastigomycota) isolated from buffalo faeces. MycoKeys 9: 11-28.