Nothophoma brennandiae (CBS 145912). A, B Colony on OA (front and reverse) C, D colony on MEA (front and reverse) E, F colony on PDA (front and reverse) G pycnidia forming on OA. H, I pycnidia J section of pycnidial wall K–M conidiogenous cells N conidia. Scale bars: 50 μm (H, I); 10 μm (J); 5 μm (K–N).

  Part of: Hou L, Hernández-Restrepo M, Groenewald JZ, Cai L, Crous PW (2020) Citizen science project reveals high diversity in Didymellaceae (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes). MycoKeys 65: 49-99.