Maximum likelihood tree from a RAXML search using the GTRGAMMA model, illustrating the phylogeny of Aureoboletus and related taxa in Boletales, based on a multilocus (nrLSU, tef1-a, rpb1 and rpb2) dataset. Phylloporus imbricatus N.K. Zeng, Zhu L. Yang & L.P. Tang and Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.) Quél. are chosen as outgroups. The lineages with new species and new combination are bold in the tree. Branches are labelled with maximum likelihood bootstrap higher than 70% and Bayesian posterior probabilities more than 0.95.

  Part of: Zhang M, Li T-H, Wang C-Q, Zeng N-K, Deng W-Q (2019) Phylogenetic overview of Aureoboletus (Boletaceae, Boletales), with descriptions of six new species from China. MycoKeys 61: 111-145.