Evolutionary tree for the genera Niebla and Vermilacinia, produced with the 6-locus matrix (Matrix 2) and using RAxML. Support value for branches follow Lemoine et al. (2018). Epithets in colour following insert: green = collected in USA/California; pink = collected in Mexico/Baja California; blue = collected in Mexico/Baja California Sur. Table on right side provides further information for all accessions: column 1-3: ß-depsidones (protocetraric acid, salazinic acid, hypoprotocetraric acid); column 4-5: depsides (divaricatic acid, sekikaic acid); column 6-11: [-]-16α-hydroxykaurane, triterpenes T1, T2, T3, unidentified triterpenes, zeorin; column 12-13: fatty acid, usnic acid; greyish colour through columns 1-13 for one accession (V. cephalota) means that no data are available; column 14–17: results of species delimitation methods: 14 = ABGD; 15 = PTP on 1 locus; 16 = BPP; 17 = STACEY.

  Part of: Spjut R, Simon A, Guissard M, Magain N, Sérusiaux E (2020) The fruticose genera in the Ramalinaceae (Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes): their diversity and evolutionary history. MycoKeys 73: 1-68. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.73.47287