Phylogeny of dataset 1 obtained by Bayesian Inference analysis of the combined LSU and ITS sequence alignment for generic placement of strain GLMC 459. Geoglossum nigritum strain AFTOL-ID 56 is used as outgroup. BI posterior probability support values above 90% (bold) and ML and MP bootstrap support values above 70% are shown at the nodes. The strain, analysed in this study, is emphasised in bold. Green backgrounds indicate sequences included in the analyses of Han et al. (2014b). Blue backgrounds indicate close matches of GLMC 459 in blastn searches. Clades 1–10 of Hyaloscyphaceae, according to the analyses of Han et al. (2014b), are listed to the right. Family names are listed to the right, according to Han et al. (2014b, superscript H), Ekanayaka et al. (2019, superscript E) and Johnston et al. (2019, superscript J). Branches that are crossed by diagonal lines are shortened by 50%.

  Part of: Bien S, Damm U (2020) Arboricolonus simplex gen. et sp. nov. and novelties in Cadophora, Minutiella and Proliferodiscus from Prunus wood in Germany. MycoKeys 63: 119-161.