a–g Conidiobolus iuxtagenitus h Conidiobolus khandalensis a colony on PDA after 3 d at 21 °C b primary conidiophores bearing primary conidia c primary conidia d tertiary fusiform conidium from a globose spore e zygospore formation with the beak almost emptied of protoplasm f production of secondary conidia g zygospores h microconidia produced from global conidia. Scale bars: 10 mm (a); 20 μm (b–h).

  Part of: Nie Y, Yu D-S, Wang C-F, Liu X-Y, Huang B (2020) A taxonomic revision of the genus Conidiobolus (Ancylistaceae, Entomophthorales): four clades including three new genera. MycoKeys 66: 55-81. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.66.46575