Roesleria subterranea (TNS-F-38701). 1 Growing habits of two mature mazaedia on the root tip of an unidentified tree 2 Hymenium of mazaedium, showing protruding paraphyses 3 Enlarged hymenium showing developmental stages of asci and paraphyses 4 Mature ascus containing eight ascospores 5 Paraphysis 6 Discharged matured ascospores; on the right, a transversely one-septate spore is shown in side view 7 Germination of ascospores on MEYE, showing that germination tubes from one of the two-celled spores 2–6 Mounted in Meltzer’s solution 7 Mounted in lacto-aniline blue. Bars: 1 = 2 mm; 2 = 50 μm; 3–7 = 10 μm.

  Part of: Degawa Y, Hosoya T, Hosaka K, Hirayama Y, Saito Y, Zhao Y-J (2015) Rediscovery of Roesleria subterranea from Japan with a discussion of its infraspecific relationships detected using molecular analysis. MycoKeys 9: 1-9.