Leptographium breviuscapum sp. nov. (CMW 38888) a fourteen-days old culture on OA with black background b synnematous asexual state on wood tissue on WA c–d conidiophore e conidiogenous cells f conidia. Scale bars: 100 μm (b), 25 μm (c), 25 μm (d), 10 μm (e), 5 μm (f).

  Part of: Yin M, Wingfield MJ, Zhou X, Linnakoski R, de Beer ZW (2019) Taxonomy and phylogeny of the Leptographium olivaceum complex (Ophiostomatales, Ascomycota), including descriptions of six new species from China and Europe. MycoKeys 60: 93-123. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.60.39069