Preferences observed in the plant-fungus associations. A Preference scores. The standardized d’ estimate of preferences for fungal taxon is shown for each halophyte (column), and the standardized d’ estimate of preferences for plant species is indicated for each of the fungal taxon (row). Each cell in the matrix indicates a two-dimensional preference (2DP) estimate, which measures to what extent the association of a focal plant-fungus pair was observed more/less frequently than expected by chance. P values were shown as false discovery rates (FDRs) in the plant/fungus analysis. B Relationship between 2DP and FDR-adjusted P values, 2DP values larger than 2.5 and those smaller than -2.5 represented strong preference and avoidance, respectively (PFDR < 0.05). Significance: *, P < 0.05, **, P < 0.01, ***, P < 0.001.

  Part of: Li J-L, Sun X, Zheng Y, Lü P-P, Wang Y-L, Guo L-D (2020) Diversity and community of culturable endophytic fungi from stems and roots of desert halophytes in northwest China. MycoKeys 62: 75-95.