Canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) ordination plot of endophytic fungal communities of stem and root tissues (A) and halophyte species (B). Dotted ellipses indicate 95% confidence intervals around centroids of tissue type (A) and plant species (B), B. dasyphylla = Bassia dasyphylla, C. arenarius = Ceratocarpus arenarius, K. foliatum = Kalidium foliatum, Sa. nitraria = Salsola nitraria, Su. acuminata = Suaeda acuminata, Su. salsa = Suaeda salsa, E. minor = Eragrostis minor, R. songarica = Reaumuria songarica, Se. santolinum = Seriphidium santolinum, and P. harmala = Peganum harmala.

  Part of: Li J-L, Sun X, Zheng Y, Lü P-P, Wang Y-L, Guo L-D (2020) Diversity and community of culturable endophytic fungi from stems and roots of desert halophytes in northwest China. MycoKeys 62: 75-95.