Phylogenetic placement of Trebouxia photobionts from selected Parmelia spp., based on Bayesian analysis of the ITS rDNA dataset. Posterior probabilities and maximum likelihood bootstrap values are shown near the internal branches. Newly generated sequences are in bold, with collecting numbers preceding the species names. Representative Trebouxia OTUs, as described in Leavitt et al. (2015), were downloaded from Dryad database (Dryad Digital Repository, Leavitt et al. 2015). Clades with photobionts from Parmelia discordans, P. omphalodes and P. pinnatifida are highlighted.

  Part of: Ossowska E, Guzow-Krzemińska B, Kolanowska M, Szczepańska K, Kukwa M (2019) Morphology and secondary chemistry in species recognition of Parmelia omphalodes group – evidence from molecular data with notes on the ecological niche modelling and genetic variability of photobionts. MycoKeys 61: 39-74.