Morphological characteristics of Ganoderma thailandicum (HKAS 104640, HKAS 104641). A, B Mature basidiocarps (HKAS 104640) C lower surface of mature basidiocarp (HKAS 104640) D, E development of young to mature fruiting bodies (HKAS 104641) F lower surface (HKAS 104641) G clamp connections H thick-walled unbranched generative hyphae with clamp connections of context in KOH I thick-walled, skeletal hyphae in KOH without septa J thick-walled sparingly branched skeletal hyphae in Melzer’s reagent K hyphae of tube layers L–Q basidiospores in 3% Congo red reagent. Scale bars: 2 cm (A–F); 10 µm (G); 15 µm (H–K); 3 µm (L–P); 5 µm (Q).

  Part of: Luangharn T, Karunarathna SC, Mortimer PE, Hyde KD, Xu J (2019) Additions to the knowledge of Ganoderma in Thailand: Ganoderma casuarinicola, a new record; and Ganoderma thailandicum sp. nov. MycoKeys 59: 47-65.