Phylogram of Ganoderma thailandicum, obtained from maximum likelihood (RAxML) of combined ITS, LSU, TEF1α and RPB2 datasets. Bootstrap values (BS) from maximum likelihood (ML, left) and Maximum parsimony (MP, middle) greater than 70% and Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP), greater than 0.95, are indicated above the nodes as MLBS/MPBS/PP. The tree is rooted with Amauroderma calcitum Cui 9011 and Tomophagus colossus TC-02. New species and new records are indicated in black bold.

  Part of: Luangharn T, Karunarathna SC, Mortimer PE, Hyde KD, Xu J (2019) Additions to the knowledge of Ganoderma in Thailand: Ganoderma casuarinicola, a new record; and Ganoderma thailandicum sp. nov. MycoKeys 59: 47-65.