Alleles of Usnea subfloridana and explanatory variables mean annual air temperature (‘Temp’) and geographical longitude of populations (‘Long’) in the bi-plot of the redundancy analysis (RDA) of the first and second axes. Labels of alleles prefixed by ‘8’ or ‘9’ indicate that these alleles belong to loci Us08 or Us09, respectively; for example, 8201 means that allele 201 is from Us08

  Part of: Degtjarenko P, Jüriado I, Mandel T, Tõrra T, Saag A, Scheidegger C, Randlane T (2019) Microsatellite based genetic diversity of the widespread epiphytic lichen Usnea subfloridana (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) in Estonia: comparison of populations from the mainland and an island. MycoKeys 58: 27-45.