a–f Aroramyces guanajuatensis (holotype ITCV 1613) a, b basidiome showing the peridial surface c basidiome in cross-section showing glebal surface d cross-section of peridium showing three-layered peridium (1 epicutis, 2 mesocutis, 3 subcutis) at 400× e–f basidiospore 1000× f irregular crest contained within an inflated utricle. Scale bars: 0.5 cm (a–c, f), 20 µm (d), 5 µm (e).

  Part of: Peña-Ramírez R, Ge Z-W, Gaitán-Hernández R, Martínez-González CR, Guevara-Guerrero G (2019) A novel sequestrate species from Mexico: Aroramyces guanajuatensis sp. nov. (Hysterangiaceae, Hysterangiales). MycoKeys 61: 27-37. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.61.36444