Bayesian tree based on the combined SSU+ITS+LSU+RBP2 sequences of Conlarium species and related families. Lentomitella cirrhosa was designated as outgroups. The numbers at each branch point represented Bayesian posterior probabilities (left) and percentage bootstrap support calculated from 1,000 replicates (right). *indicates lack of support or support less than 50 % for a particular clade. New species proposed are in bold. Bar 0.1 expected changes per site.

  Part of: Xie L, Chen Y-L, Long Y-Y, Zhang Y, Liao S-T, Liu B, Qin L-P, Nong Q, Zhang W-L (2019) Three new species of Conlarium from sugarcane rhizosphere in southern China. MycoKeys 56: 1-11.