Phylogenetic tree based on maximum likelihood inference of combined Bloc, RPB1, Tef1 data. Value above branches = Maximum likelihood bootstrap values (BS) / Bayesian posterior probabilities. Grey bars represent species delimitation results from ABGD-, SPN-, GMYC- and BPP based algorithmic methods based on Bloc, RPB1, and Tef1 sequences. Scale bar indicates the number of nucleotide substitution per site. a: delimited as the same species. B. araneola, B. gryllotalpidicola, B. loeiensis, B. medogensis, and B. rudraprayagi were not delimited by any DNA-based algorithm due to abundant missing data in their sequences.

  Part of: Bustamante DE, Oliva M, Leiva S, Mendoza JE, Bobadilla L, Angulo G, Calderon MS (2019) Phylogeny and species delimitations in the entomopathogenic genus Beauveria (Hypocreales, Ascomycota), including the description of B. peruviensis sp. nov. MycoKeys 58: 47-68.