Elbamycella rosea sp. nov. A, D group of young subglobose ascomata B, C globose ascomata with one or two necks E immature (bottom) and dehiscent (top) asci F ascoma in cross section G mature ascus with 8 ascospores H ascospores. Scale bars: 50 µm (A, D, F); 100 µm (B, C); 10 µm (E, G, H).

  Part of: Poli A, Bovio E, Verkley G, Prigione V, Varese GC (2019) Elbamycella rosea gen. et sp. nov. (Juncigenaceae, Torpedosporales) isolated from the Mediterranean Sea. MycoKeys 55: 15-28. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.55.35522