Phallus denigricans UFRN-Fungos 2805, holotype. A Basidiome B blackish and smooth volva in detail C white volva with projections D receptacle with a prominent pore E spores F pseudoparenchymatous hyphae of pseudostipe G hyphae from rhizomorphs H hyphae from volva. Scale bars: 20 mm (A–D), 20 µm (E), 40 µm (F–H).

  Part of: Cabral TS, Silva BDB, Martín MP, Clement CR, Hosaka K, Baseia IG (2019) Behind the veil – exploring the diversity in Phallus indusiatus s.l. (Phallomycetidae, Basidiomycota). MycoKeys 58: 103-127.