Microscopic characters of Octospora conidiophora. A Hypha with two-celled appresorium closely attached to the cells of the host leaf B Ascospores C Germinating ascospores found on leaves D Variation of appressoria mostly seen from above, infection pegs not always observed, appressoria seen in lateral view with infection pegs (indicated by arrows) A, B, D holotype ZE48/18 C ZE11/18. Scale bar: 30 µm. Illustrated by P.D.

  Part of: Sochorová Z, Döbbeler P, Sochor M, van Rooy J (2019) Octospora conidiophora (Pyronemataceae) – a new species from South Africa and the first report of anamorph in bryophilous Pezizales. MycoKeys 54: 49-76. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.54.34571