Microscopic features of Erythrophylloporus suthepensis A basidiospores B basidia C cheilocystidia D pleurocystidia E pileipellis F stipitipellis showing some dark caulocystidia mixed with slightly rough, cylindrical to irregular hyphae. – Scale bars: 10 µm (A–B); 50 µm (C–F). All drawings were made from the type (SV0236).

  Part of: Vadthanarat S, Amalfi M, Halling RE, Bandala V, Lumyong S, Raspé O (2019) Two new Erythrophylloporus species (Boletaceae) from Thailand, with two new combinations of American species. MycoKeys 55: 29-57. https://doi.org/10.3897/mycokeys.55.34570