Phylogenetic tree inferred from the four-gene dataset (atp6, rpb2, tef1 and cox3), including Erythrophylloporus species and selected Boletaceae using Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference methods (ML tree is presented). The two Buchwaldoboletus and nine Chalciporus species in subfamily Chalciporoideae were used as outgroup. Most of the taxa not belonging to the Pulveroboletus group were collapsed into subfamilies. All generic clades, including one undescribed generic clade in Pulveroboletus group that were highly supported, were also collapsed. Bootstrap support values (BS ≥ 70%) and posterior probabilities (PP ≥ 0.90) are shown above the supported branches.

  Part of: Vadthanarat S, Amalfi M, Halling RE, Bandala V, Lumyong S, Raspé O (2019) Two new Erythrophylloporus species (Boletaceae) from Thailand, with two new combinations of American species. MycoKeys 55: 29-57.